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Get a Lifelong Workout Companion with a Miniature Australian Shepherd for Sale!

Get a Lifelong Workout Companion with a Miniature Australian Shepherd for Sale!

August 9, 2017

For people looking for a Miniature Australian Shepherd for sale, learning a little bit about the dog will help you figure out if it’s the puppy for you!

This will make it easy to care for your new pupper! Having the right knowledge will also help you adjust the environment accordingly in order to make the family, as well as your new canine friend, comfortable. Want to see a picture of the Miniature Australian Shepherd for sale in our store right now? Just click here for our available puppies page!

miniature australian shepherd for sale


The dog, just like its name suggests, has a smaller stature than the standard. It has a medium length coat with a red merle, blue, chocolaty red color. All colors will have all white or tan markings. It has a straight coat although some species are slightly wavy with feathering around the legs, mane and neck. The hair on the head, the front part of the forelegs and in the outside of the ears is shorter than in the other parts of the coat. It comes with a top part of the head being flat and clean cut, feet which are oval and compact.


Miniature Australian Shepherds are liked for their easygoing, playful and affectionate character. The puppies easily bond with the other pets and the adults are great companions especially with active children. They are described as courageous, affectionate and loyal making them a perfect choice for those who are looking for a miniature Australian Shepherd for sale to keep as a family pet. Their liveliness, agility, high intelligence and attentive nature make them easy to train. Most people who have had them as pets have described them as dogs which easily take instructions especially easy.

Active and playful

The dogs need company and should not be left alone for longer periods. Not being stimulated can make them anxious and they can turn destructive. If you are to leave it alone for some time, it’s advisable to keep it engaged with enough physical and mental exercises to ensure that it doesn’t get bored easily. Some people say that they always looking for something to do, their level of intelligence and activeness are part of the breed. You also need to socialize it early so that it becomes accustomed to strangers. Some may be seen nipping people’s heel as they attempt to herd them!

Understanding the Miniature Australian Shepherd before you get one will make you a better owner in the long run! For more information visit our website and learn more about this active and lovable little breed!

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