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The English Bulldog – Fun Facts About this Snorty Breed!

The English Bulldog – Fun Facts About this Snorty Breed!

December 1, 2016

Welcome to the next segment of our very popular ‘spotlight on breeds’ blog series! Our very special breed that we’ll be learning about today is one of the most recognizable breeds in the dog world, the English Bulldog! Even though you might know this breed’s physical characteristics, do you know their history? Read along to find out! Here at PetCenter, we always have English Bulldog puppies for sale!

1. What’s the ‘bull’ in bulldog?

The English developed the bulldog breed in the 13th century. As the name suggests, the bulldog was bred specifically for bull baiting. While this practice was eventually banned in 1835, the bulldog retains many of the same traits as the original bulldogs, the short snouts, stocky bodies and loose, wrinkly skin.

2. Bulldogs were now out of a job

After the banning, the bulldogs of old had to find a new purpose in life. The breed almost went extinct, but lovers of the bulldog were determined not to let this happen! They instead bred a bulldog that had a kind and gentle demeanor that could serve as a perfect companion.

3. The life of an English Bulldog

Keeping this wrinkle-faced breed going is not as easy as one would think! Because of their large heads, almost all bulldog puppies are delivered via c-section. And due to their tiny backsides, English bulldogs don’t do well in water, as swimming and keeping themselves afloat is difficult. They also do not take heat very well and can only be outside in the summer for small periods of time. Despite all this, the English bulldog has captured America’s heart as the fifth most popular dog in the country!

4. Root, root, root for the bulldog!

We all know that England is very fond of their bulldogs, even going so far as to consider them the national breed. But the US definitely rivals that love for this squishy-face, snorty little breed by using it as the overwhelmingly popular school mascot. Across the country there are about 40 universities that cheer “Go, Bulldogs!” and that doesn’t even include smaller colleges, high schools or middle schools. Now that’s a lot of bulldog love!

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