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Baby Bunny Take-Home Checklist!

Baby Bunny Take-Home Checklist!

August 23, 2016

While bunnies are an easier pet to take care of, you still need quite a few things to take home with you to properly care for them. At PetCenter, we carry all the necessary items for you to be a successful and caring baby bunny owner! Check out our list below of things we know you will need when bringing home your newest family member.

Starter Checklist for New Baby Bunny Parents:

1. Cage – proper housing is essential when bringing home a baby bunny. They need to have a safe place to hang out, sleep and eat, away from any other pets you have. The cage needs to be big enough for the bunny to grow as well!

2. Food & Water Bowls – pretty self-explanatory, but that doesn’t make them any less important!

3. Bedding & Litter – this is so you can keep your bunny’s area clean for multiple days at a time. You can also purchase a litter pan and litter to start the process of litter-box training your baby bunny.

4. Hide-aways – baby bunnies need to sleep in a “den-like” area where it’s dark, so they feel protected. It’s also a good idea to have the hide-away be chewable, so they don’t start chewing on their cage!

5. Hay – baby bunnies need a diet of both juvenile rabbit pellets and alfalfa hay until they are six months old. After that, you can introduce fresh fruits and veggies as treats. Also, you can give  timothy and other types of hay, but it still needs to be about a 50/50 split ratio of pellet food and hay.

6. Treats & Toys – we can’t stress this one enough! A stimulated baby bunny is a happy one! Baby bunnies love to play and chew, which is why having a good ratio of treats and toys (or treats that are toys and vice versa!) in their cage is essential for them to keep from developing destructive behaviors. They also need things to help grind down their teeth, which are always growing!

And Don’t Forget These Important Items!

7. Grooming Tools – this one may have slipped your notice, but it’s actually very important to keep your bunny’s hair brushed and nails trimmed to keep your bunny happy and healthy!

8. Exercise Pen – you have to watch your baby bunny very closely when it is out of its cage. However, if you aren’t able to do that, an exercise pen is just the ticket! Your bunny can get the daily exercise it needs and you can walk away if you need and know that the bunny will be safe and sound.

9. Carrier – and lastly, it’s important to have a carrier for your bunny for trips to the veterinarian or over to a friend’s house to play!

We hope you enjoyed this checklist for bringing home a new bunny! Stop by today if you’re interested in checking out the bunnies we have in the store. Also, talk to our Pet Counselors what we suggest on bringing home with them! Thanks again for reading our blogs!

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