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10 Interesting Facts About the Cockatiel!

10 Interesting Facts About the Cockatiel!

October 14, 2016

At PetCenter, it’s important to us to have a wide range of education on all different types of animals. Just because one person loves puppies doesn’t mean another might not be more interested in our feathery friends! When you come to us for a beloved pet, helping you make the decision is not something we take lightly! But even more important than helping you bond with a new friend, is our vast knowledge of how to properly care for that animal or bird so you can have many happy years together!

While we’ve already done a blog on how to prepare for a new bird in the house, we thought we would do a fun fact blog on one of our favorite birds, the cockatiel! Have fun learning something that you didn’t know about America’s (second) favorite bird!

First Interesting Facts About the Cockatiel!

  1. The Cockatiel was first discovered in Australia in 1770. It did not become popular until the Australian gold rush in the nineteen hundreds.

The Next Top 3 Interesting Facts About the Cockatiel!

  1. The fumes emitted from cookware coated with Teflon can be very harmful to your Cockatiel and actually all species of bird.
  2. In the wild, you’ll see immense flocks of cockatiels circling the sky in search of large bodies of water where they can rest and escape from the Australian heat.
  3. Cockatiels are very sociable birds and will become unhappy if they are left alone for long periods of time. It’s best to get a pair of cockatiels if you know you’ll be out of your house for long periods of time or are otherwise unable to play with them several times daily.

And the Final 6 Interesting Facts About the Cockatiel!

  1. Male cockatiels are better are talking and whistling than female cockatiels. In the wild the male cockatiel use sounds to attract females.
  2. Cockatiels can be considered as the most widely kept parrot other than parakeet or budgie.
  3. The cockatiel life span can reach up to 25 years, though the standard is 15 years. This life span is based on proper care, nutrition and environment where your cockatiel lives.
  4. Cockatiels are better at whistling than they are at talking! In fact some extra-talented cockatiels can whistle entire songs.
  5. Cockatiels actually require quite a bit of sleep each day, about 14 hours!
  6. Cockatiels make good fathers! While the mothers are responsible for hatching the eggs and caring for the newborn chicks, the male cockatiel doesn’t fly off and abandon them, either. In fact, they are quite protective of their family, and in the wild, will face much larger birds and predators just to keep them safe. They are also nurturing and affectionate with their young.

How interesting was that! I hope you enjoyed our fun facts blog and thank you for being an avid follower! If you already have a feathery friend, consider coming in to the store today for a new treat or toy. We carry a wide variety of presents, so you can show your bird you really care!

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