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Available Fish

Available Fish

Welcome to PetCenter Old Bridge’s fish for sale page!

That’s right, we don’t just specialize in furry pets, we also have pets and plants that live underwater as well!

We excel in the pet industry for our animal husbandry and our efforts to push for higher standards of care for all animals.

PetCenter Old Bridge is a place where people can learn about different types of pets and their specialized care. We love pets and it shows!

It can be tricky to make sure you create the right aquarium for you and your family. This is why we have dedicated Pet Counselors that can guide you to the perfect pet!

Whether it’s your first time caring for fish and you want neon tetras or tiger barbs, to experienced fish owners that want something more exotic, PetCenter Old Bridge has what you’re looking for.

We also carry imported Koi in the summer. Be sure to check our Aquatics section throughout the year!

We carry a wide variety of premium bettas. Our bettas are not kept in cups, they are displayed in a custom betta unit specially designed for bettas ensuring a happy healthy betta.

Our top-of-the-line aquarium units ensure our fish stay happy and healthy with their built-in automatic water change system. Housed in our custom three-tiered waterfall display tank are a variety of live plants. We carry a variety of live plants ranging from beginner and high level.

We have a wide selection of unique aquariums as well as plenty of decorations whether they are driftwood and aquarium rock or specialty ceramic decorations.

When caring for your fish, don’t forget to check out our frozen foods. We have a wide variety of frozen fish food including top brands such as Hakari, Omega, and San Francisco Bay.

We look forward to your visit here with us at PetCenter Old Bridge!!

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