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10 Suggestions to Keep Your Pup Happy in the Winter

10 Suggestions to Keep Your Pup Happy in the Winter

February 9, 2019

As pet owners, you may be wondering how to keep your puppy or dog happy when it is cold outside.

This is a good question as our dogs have different needs and may perform differently during the colder seasons. PetCenter would like to make sure that dog owners feel comfortable in caring for their dogs and make sure they feel at their best. There are several ways to keep your dog happy during the winter and we want to share ten suggestions with you.

  • And here we go:

    -Buy your dog a fashionable sweater for the cold weather.
    -Purchase a harness jacket for walking your dog.
    -Avoid poisonous foods, such as Valentine’s Day chocolates.
    -Find a warm, comfortable, and safe place for your dog during the colder season.
    -Be sure to protect your doggie from candles or fireplaces.
    -Try to maintain the same schedule for eating, walking and playing with your pet despite the cold weather if possible.
    -Buy fun toys for your dog to play indoors when it’s too cold to go outside.
    -Build an indoor maze for your pup for a family fun day.
    -Schedule an indoor playdate to keep your dog or pup active when it’s too chilly to go outside.
    -Buy a comfortable cozy bed for your pet to sleep during the cold nights.

  • We have PetCenter locations all over the southeast!

PetCenter is always ready for our customers any time of the year to assist with providing the best customer service experience. We have pet counselors on hand to assist with adapting your pet to your lifestyle. There are PetCenter locations all over the United States, check online for more! We value our customers and understand that buying a new pup or caring for a dog can be a big task. We understand customers may have anxiety keeping their furry friends warm and happy in the colder season. We are here to help and love your pets as much as you do!

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