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12 Paw-some facts about Poodles

12 Paw-some facts about Poodles

June 12, 2018

Oodles and Doodles of Poodles!

  1. There is a common belief that Poodles descended from Asian herding dogs that traveled with Germanic tribes to eventually become German water dogs.
  2. Their may be some murky details behind their ancestry, however it is well agreed that they are an extremely ancient breed, going back to the first centuries of B.C. There are documented illustrations of Poodle-like dogs found on Egyptian and Roman artifacts and tombs.
  3. Despite how dainty and pretty Poodles for sale may look, they were actually bred to be working dogs. They were used to retrieve various waterfowl.
  4. Elvis Presley was known to be very fond of Poodles, because he had a vast collection of them at his Graceland home. One he named Champagne, while he was stationed in Germany. He often purchased Poodles for sale and gifted them to women in his life!   
  5. Many potential pet owners purchase Poodle for sale, because they do not shed like most dogs.  While they may lose hair daily, much like humans, it is significantly less.
  6. Speaking of their hair, Poodle’s can wear dreadlocks hairstyles, which is referred to as “cording.”
  7. Poodles for sale accredit some of the popularity to their dignified attitude and “air of distinction.”
  8. While it may take them some time to warm up to new people, they are generally Poodles are affectionate, gentle, and make great companions for children.
  9. Because of their apprehension towards strangers, purchase Poodles for sale if you’re looking for good guard dogs. They are known to be protective of their homes and families.
  10. Standard Poodles are usually good with other dogs and cats
  11. Poodles tend to have more hair in their ears than other dog breeds, which may interfere with their hearing and healthy air flow in the ear canal. Cut them just a little slack when they don’t answer you right away!
  12. Conversely, they also have acute hearing and are sometimes hesitant to go out in the rain, simply because rain amplifies sound and hurts their ears.

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