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3 Suggestions to Help Cute Puppy Dogs Sleep During the Night

3 Suggestions to Help Cute Puppy Dogs Sleep During the Night

May 11, 2019

Having a new cute puppy dog can be almost identical to having a new baby.

Puppies need an ample amount of love and care after they go to their new furrr-ever homes. In the beginning, getting up in the middle of the night to check on your pup because they may be crying, hungry, or afraid could happen quite frequently. PetCenter wants to offer you a few tips and suggestions to make the transition in adapting to a new dog enjoyable and pleasant. Can’t wait to see all of our adorable puppies for sale? Just click here!

1. Keep them busy.

Young pups are energetic and full of excitement when they are newly born. Dog owners typically work all day and whey they get home they would like for the dog to sleep when they do. New pups need a good amount of stimulation to help them sleep during the night. Make sure they have playtime before bed. You can play catch with your new pup outside or have some fun toys they can chase after to tire them out. Try going for a walk every evening and make it a routine for consistency.

2. Be creative with their food.

Make sure they have a good meal before bed. You can try putting dog food inside of a teething chew toy or hollow bone to have them work for their food to tire them out. Keeping your puppy physically and mentally active is the key to keeping them asleep at night. If you have a family, you can incorporate your family members in an activity to increase your pup’s stimulation.

3. Walk your dog before bed.

Make sure to take your puppy to the bathroom before bed. Putting them to bed with a full bladder will surely keep them up at night. Also, you can try covering the puppy crate a bit to control light and sound when it is time for bed to help your pup transition between morning and night. Limit the amount of water you give your pup in the evening – be sure to check with your veterinarian as certain breeds may have different requirements.

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