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3 Tips for Living as a Minimalist Dog Owner

3 Tips for Living as a Minimalist Dog Owner

March 1, 2019

Minimalism has become a trendy topic over the years, especially for those who are looking for teacup dog breeds.

People are thinking more about what they own and the value it brings to their life. Dogs are a special part of people’s lives and their value is endless. Pets thrive in small spaces if you are considering shrinking down your things or home size – just be creative. You don’t have to own a teacup dog breeds to live in a tiny house. Your pet can adjust to your “tiny lifestyle” with ease being big or small. Read on for four ways you can live comfortably with your pet for your “tiny living” or minimalist lifestyle and visit PetCenter locations to speak with a skilled team member.teacup dog breeds

1. Your living space is intentional.

Living in a tiny space can get very tricky. It requires an ample amount of awareness on where to keep your things and how many things you actually own in each space. Every item has a place, but the trick is to make sure it’s not overcrowding, and each item has a purpose. Pets appreciate clean spaces where they have a place to be happy and grow no matter the size. It doesn’t matter if your pet belongs to the cutest big dog breeds down to the adorable teacup dog breeds, he or she should be able to adjust to their tiny environment.

2. Your Pup has a special place.

Whether you have a big or small dog, they should have a space they can claim as their own. Doggies like to have a special place they can sleep or take a nap. Generally, they also like to eat in the same area or space. When living tiny it is a good idea during your planning to include a space for your pup he or she can claim as their own. If you don’t have a backyard use a dog park or nearby large area to walk your dog.

3. Closer to the outdoors.

Ensure your dog has enough play time outdoors by scheduling the same time every day if possible, to take a walk. As long as their play time is being fulfilled, they shouldn’t become too restless in your tiny space. Rather if it is a tiny home, a recreational vehicle, or a smaller home your pup should adjust to your lifestyle if you cater to their playful needs. Dogs love to play outdoors and should have the freedom to do so to maintain their good health.

We have the cutest teacup breeds at PetCenter locations near you if you would like to fill your tiny space with a new companion come see us today for help.

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