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3 Wintertasic Dogs Breeds

3 Wintertasic Dogs Breeds

December 8, 2018

It is finally winter!

This is the most wonderful time of the year. If you live in a state that is destined for snow and is interested in buying a dog, you should consider getting Siberian Husky puppies, Akita puppies, or German Shepherd puppies. These dogs love the winter weather almost as much as you do. Read below to find out just why these breeds love winter.

  1. Siberian Husky puppies.

You may recognize these dogs from Disney’s famous “Snow Dogs” movie. They are commonly known as the snow sled dogs. These puppies have a heart for the snow. Siberian Husky puppies can enjoy very low temperatures because of their thick coats. Without this coat, their time in the snow would not be as enjoyable. It’s comparable to if you were to walk outside without wearing your coat. Make sure that before your Siberian Husky puppy plays in the snow, it has developed its winter coat first.


  1. Akita puppies.

Akita puppies have an ancestry that is extremely fond of winter weather. These animals come from the snowy mountains of Honshu in Japan. They were raised in cold weather that transformed their fur to have a thick layer that is capable of keeping them warm in the cold. If you and your family love playing outside in the snow, your Akita puppies would love to join you.

  1. German Shepherd puppy.

The German Shepherd puppy loves cold weather. A German Shepherd puppy will have a coat that can withstand cold of almost minus 10 degrees. They are energetic dogs that love to let their energy out in the snow. As energetic as these dogs are they are also extremely well behaved dogs and won’t make you stay outside any longer than you want to.

All of these puppies will fare well in winter weather, but it would be best to wait until their fur is fully developed before exposing them to extremely cold weather. These snow friendly dogs would be the best addition to your household this winter. You can find Siberian Husky puppies, Akita puppies, and German Shepherd puppies at your nearest PetCenter store.


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