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4 Ideas for Celebrating Your Puppy’s Birthday!

4 Ideas for Celebrating Your Puppy’s Birthday!

November 26, 2018

You dreamed of having a puppy for the longest time before purchasing your very own at PetCenter. Celebrate the anniversary of your dog’s “birthday” by incorporating one or more of these great ideas.

  1. Bake a Dog Cake

Dog-friendly cake recipes are widely available online, in fact, we have posted dog-friendly recipes a few times! These recipes look so yummy you’ll be tempted to have a slice. Your puppy will eat this special gesture all the way up.

  1. Purchase a Brand New Toy for Your Pup

Just like a kid, your puppy will be thrilled at the idea of a new toy. They really get excited and it’s amazing to watch them realize that the toy you’ve dropped on the floor is actually for them! You can find a great selection of toys at PetCenter stores near you. These toys are chewable and will keep your puppy entertained for hours.

  1. Host a Dog-Friendly Party

What’s better than a house with one dog? A house full of dogs, of course! Invite fellow pet owners over for an enjoyable night of food, fun, and dogs. If you have the space, set up an obstacle course in the backyard. If it’s a sunny and hot day, purchase some plastic swimming pools and fill it for your puppy and their friends! It’s the perfect way to celebrate  a birthday for human and dogs.

  1. Enjoy Quality Time Together

If the festivities just aren’t your style, you can simply opt for a quiet night of quality time with your furry family member. Enjoy a meal and a movie while cuddling with your puppy. The quality time will enhance your bond and remind your puppy that he is loved, wanted, and appreciated. The quality time will please you as the owner, too!

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