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4 Rules for Parents With Pets and Kids

4 Rules for Parents With Pets and Kids

January 2, 2019

A blended family with pets and kids is a beautiful one!

Our Lab puppies for sale make great furry family members and they are one of the most kid friendly dogs of them all. Here are some basic, yet useful and practical tips, regarding the transition of getting pup and kid acquainted safely.

  1. Put your dog’s food in a protected area that is away from your children.

Creating a peaceful and private meal environment for your pup will go a long way. This will actually discourage food aggression. This will also enhance your dog’s meal enjoyment as he won’t be stressed looking for the kid coming its way!

  1. Never, ever leave your child alone with your new dog.

Something innocent can turn bad in a matter of seconds. If a small child is involved, the pet nor the child will be able to tell what happened! Leaving children alone with a dog takes quite a while to develop trust – years so just don’t do it.

  1. Playing with Lab puppies is fun and enjoyable for all parties involved.

Rough play and wrestling should, however, be discouraged. Whether your puppy is large or small, rough play sends mixed signals to dogs. Those signals could be misconstrued as aggression or even worse, escalate to aggression.

  1. Avoid your child getting bitten.

Overwhelmingly, most children are not bitten by their own dog, but rather by one of a family member, friend, or another dog. For instance, most dogs will tolerate sounds, play, and interaction from his own family, but a new kid suddenly appearing can be bothersome. If you are visiting a friend that has a dog, you should visit before your child. You want to get a good assessment of the dog’s size and temperament. If all is well and to your liking and comfort, you should feel okay with bringing your kid around the dog.

These tips are basic and standard and necessary for any parent who has a kid or a few at home and plan to have a dog join as a permanent new plus one! Our Lab puppies will make a great addition to any home. If you have any other concerns or questions when you get your new puppy and take them home, let us know.

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