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5 Awesome Australian Shepherd Facts

5 Awesome Australian Shepherd Facts

August 2, 2018

Though the Australian Shepherd for sale in our store will likely be a loving family pet, they are historically working dogs.

They love to keep busy, so you’re in a for a sweet and fun treat owning one of these precious pups. Read on to learn more impressive facts about this beautiful and somewhat mysterious breed.

  1. Friendly Furry Babies

Like any dog, you should introduce your newly purchased Australian Shepherd for sale to new people and situations early in their lives. If not, they may become somewhat wary of strangers which would consequently make them excellent watchdogs (win-win), and they’ll bark at potential intruders. In any case, they are friendly with children and other pets.

  1. Ghost Eyes

One of the reasons you fell in love with our Australian Shepherd for sale is likely because of their striking and distinctive eyes. Back in the day, however, they weren’t so beautiful and captivating. Some people found them off-putting. Others, like Native Americans, found them to be sacred and thought they harbored spirits and respectfully kept their distances.

  1. Missing Tails

We found this fact interesting to share because tails are rather useful in establishing the physical balance with dogs. They also serve as means of communications to other dogs in a pack. Australian Shepherds are actually born without tails. Historically known as working dogs, they were removed or docked. Today, you’ll find an Australian Shepherd for sale with or without a tail, which has no bearing on their sweet personalities either way.

  1. Rodeo Stars

Because of their high intelligence and easy trainability, they were perfect for the rodeo. They gracefully jumped rope, ran through barrels, and performed tricks. Australian Shepherds were eventually made famous by starring in popular Disney movies.

  1. Instinctive Herders

Don’t be surprised if the Australian Shepherd for sale that you purchased randomly herds you around the house! They can’t help it, because it’s in their blood. They’re Shepherds after all. Many owners with kids have reported that they’ve entered a room to find their little ones in a corner laughing and playing and it’s not by accident or coincidence. Their pup gently moved them there! This is harmless (and maybe helpful), but they can indeed be trained not to herd your kids!

We have an Australian Shepherd for sale that’s just waiting to meet you! Come to visit us today.

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