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5 Fascinating Facts About Parrots

5 Fascinating Facts About Parrots

May 8, 2018

Parrots are beautiful and colorful birds that are found all over the world.

They are so diverse in so many ways. They come from various parts of the world including Central America, Mexico, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. There are more than 300 species in the world today, however unfortunately some of them are endangered. If you’re looking for parrots for sale in NJ, look no further than your nearest PetCenter. Here are some fascinating facts about parrots for sale in NJ and around the world.

  • Parrots make great pets.

They’re entertaining and comical! They can imitate sounds and that’s one of the many reasons they’re so treasured and loved. In the wild, they can imitate other members of their flock, which can let them know the whereabouts of food and danger. Parrots learn by imitation, in fact. For example, if a snake is approaching they can imitate the call of a hawk, thus scaring away the snake. When you’ve got parrots for sale in NJ in your home, you’ll find that they copy the sound of common household items like phones, vacuum cleaners, doorbells, and cell phone ringtones! They are simply unmatched with these skills. There is an African grey parrot named Alex that has the ability to learn, understand, and speak more than 100 words.

  • We already mentioned how incredibly intelligent parrots are.

They are actually among the most intelligent birds. Besides being able to learn well, they can also speak words and associate them with other objects or situations. The parrots for sale in NJ and globally are able to use tools and solve problems. Some scientists believe they have the logic of a four year old child!

  • Some parrots for sale in NJ that enter your home can outlive their family members. 

There are parrots known to live up to and beyond 80 years. There are various species of parrots, so their lifespan differs accordingly. Smaller ones live 15 – 20 years, whereas medium sized ones range from 25 -30 years. The larger they are, the longer they live, which is typically the opposite of our canine companions. Larger parrots live 60 – 100 years.

  • You may not find these parrots for sale in NJ as they’re very rare.

The kakapo is the world’s largest parrot, weighing up to 9 pounds and growing over 2 feet long. They are, however, birds that can’t fly! They are completely flightless and the only ones in the world. They are also the only birds that are active at night, which keeps them from being noticed by potential predators.

  • Talk about loving for a lifetime! When you find parrots for sale in NJ and they find their mates, it’s for life!

It’s quite the process. Male parrots make a big old fuss, by parading himself around dancing or making various noises and expressions in order to attract female parrots. Once she selects him, they stay together for life. For the rest of their lives, they take care of each other by finding food, keeping guard, sleeping together, and grooming the other. It’s quite beautiful, actually. I guess that’s where the term “love birds” comes from, huh?!

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