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5 Must-Haves for Life With a New Puppy

5 Must-Haves for Life With a New Puppy

November 20, 2018

So you saw that PetCenter has Cavalier puppies for sale, and you rushed into your closest pet store.

Now you are officially a puppy parent. Here are five things you must have that you may not have considered before buying a dog.


When it comes to puppies there is an unspoken and often unbelievable time commitment. Puppies are like babies learning and experiencing the world for the first time through fresh eyes. You will need to invest time to ensure their needs are met and they remain out of harm’s way. As your puppy grows and begins to understand the world, the amount of time they require reduces drastically.


When you saw the group of Cavalier puppies for sale in the kennel you probably noticed these puppies are full of energy. You will need adequate energy to keep up. These pups enjoy running, jumping, and playing so be sure to drink your coffee before starting the day with your new puppy.


Puppies are still learning and will make mistakes. Be patient as they make mistakes. It is not uncommon for puppies to make stains or destroy items that we consider important. Expect these types of accidents and refrain from becoming angry when they happen.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies 

After a mess is made you’ll want to reach for dog-friendly cleaning supplies and avoid exposing your puppy to toxic chemicals. PetCenter stores carry urine cleaner and odor fighters that are non-toxic.


The most important thing your puppy requires is your unconditional love. While there will be spills, accidents and messes, there will also be fun, joy, and friendship. Open up your heart and get ready to experience true love with your furry friend.

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