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5 of The Cutest Dog Breeds: Part 2

5 of The Cutest Dog Breeds: Part 2

January 8, 2019

We know exactly what it’s like to take home a new puppy!

They are simply adorable. Feel free to check out our available puppies page for more information! In this post, we are highlighting 5 more of our favorite cute dog breeds!

  1. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

They are beautiful dogs, hands down. With stereotypical puppy dog eyes and long curly ears, they are simply undeniable. They are sweet natured and gentle and great around kids. They love to explore, sniff, and chase things. They have beautiful coats that will need daily brushing and professional grooming.

  1. The Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkie puppies for sale in NJ and across the country have easily become one of the most popular breeds in the United States. They are considered to rank high as one of the cute dogs for sale! They are tiny but brave and energetic. These loyal pups will love you forever! They need regular and professional grooming to keep their long coats healthy and shiny.

  1. The Pug

Those big, wide set, and soulful eyes draw you in every time! They are so cute to look and play with as long as and you’re not too rough. They are playful and comical and sometimes mischievous. They like to be the center of attention too so you’ve been warned about their command for the spotlight! Pugs are noisy little buggers. They wheeze and snore and snort! Try to limit their time outdoors in heat and humidity. The wrinkles in their cute faces need to be cleaned regularly to prevent skin infections.

  1. The English Bulldog

They are downright jovial and pleasant. It doesn’t matter if they are somewhat intimidating initially because they are sweet as pie! English Bulldog puppies are cuddly and one of the best-looking adult dogs. Get some earplugs! They snore loudly and they make lots of noises when they’re awake. Like other short snout dogs, their time spent in heat and humidity should be limited and always monitored.

  1. The Pomeranian

They’re little bodies are fluffy and they have such a pleasant face. They are full of energy and intelligence. If you want a guard dog, you’re in the right market! They will bark to alert you but they won’t attack! As we mentioned, they are barkers and they need regular grooming because of their thick coats.

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