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5 Puppy Pages You Should be Following on Instagram!

5 Puppy Pages You Should be Following on Instagram!

January 3, 2018

Who doesn’t love an Instagram timeline full of adorable small puppies?

Our team at PetCenter Old Bridge searched the web to find the most lovable puppy profiles to satisfy your puppy addiction. Follow us on Instagram @petland.kennesaw for daily pet photos of various puppy breeds. Here are our favorite puppy profiles for the month of December:


Nutella York is an adorable Yorkshire Terrier puppy living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The puppy princess represents style and attitude, with her endless collection of hair bows and her flawlessly groomed hair. Nutella frequents the PetCenter Brazil, just outside Sao Paulo. You won’t be able resist double tapping her photos.


While he’s not officially a puppy, Raphael’s cute photos make him follow worthy. Located in Atlanta, New Jersey, this Pug is a self-proclaimed Puptivist who advocates for the end of puppy mills, right on Raphael! His fancy bowties and captivating captions will have you scrolling for hours.


Zira is a Corgi and Mini Aussie Mix and our #WCE. Her bright blue eyes and rosy pink nose will surely melt your heart. This Virgo puppy born on September 9, 2017, and currently resides in Monterey, California. Follow her today to see how much she’s grown.


Tinkie is a tiny Shih Tzu puppy with larger than life style. Her fluffy mane and beady eyes will enchant you. Her fashionable outfits and matching hair accessories are sure to make you smile. She is ray of sunshine waiting to brighten up your timeline.


Ginger is a Red Toy Poodle puppy living in Indonesia. She’s mastered the art of modeling during playtime and posts vividly clear photos of her enjoying life in colorful settings.

If you are a proud puppy owner and want to be featured, follow our profile on Instagram @petland.kennesaw and use the hashtag #petlandkennesaw on next your puppy post!

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