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5 Reasons to Love a Rottie Puppy

5 Reasons to Love a Rottie Puppy

January 26, 2018

Rottweilers are a perfect companion and a popular choice among PetCenter shoppers!

Here are 5 reasons to love a Rottie puppy:

They are obedient.  

Obedience is a quality that is highly desired by pet owners. Rottie puppies learn fast and are skilled listeners. They are known for their intelligence and their ability to comprehend and remember commands quickly. This makes training a Rottie puppy a breeze. You will be surprised at how fast your Rottie puppy begins to pick up commands.

Their loyalty is unmatched. 

Loyalty is also a trait of Rottweiler. Once your Rottie begins to form a bond with you, they will be loyal to the end. The relationship between humans and dogs is unique, but with Rottie puppies the connection is enhanced by their loyalty. Be prepared to form a friendship that will fulfill you more than you ever imagined.

They have a sense of fearlessness. 

Rottie pups are not afraid to take a leap of faith. Their sense of fearlessness is why they learn so fast. They will fall and quickly recover from mistakes, with a jovial and playful attitude. Their courage will keep you on edge as they learn by testing boundaries!

They have German roots. 

Rottweilers originated in Germany and were called Rottweil Metzgerhunds, which translates to Butcher Dogs. Their role was to serve as guard dogs for butchers. This is likely the reason Rottie puppies are instinctively disciplined.

They have a long lifespan.

If you are looking to enjoy close to a decade with your dog, then Rotties are perfect for you. They live an average of 8 -10 years. While this may not seem long, keep in mind that larger dogs typically have a shorter lifespan. It is also important to remember that dogs age more rapidly than humans and the average lifespan for most dogs is 10-13 years.

If you love Rottie puppies as much as we do, stop by our local PetCenter and take home a companion that will provide an abundant amount of joy and add endless value to your life. Check out pictures of the Rottie puppies for sale in our store, right here on our available puppies page!

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