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5 Things Babies and Puppies Have in Common

5 Things Babies and Puppies Have in Common

December 14, 2018

They are small, lovable and near and dear to our hearts.

Babies and puppies give us a fever that Motrin can’t cure. If you love puppies and babies, here is a must read for you. We have compiled five things that puppies and babies have in common.

  1. They are Adorable

Newborn puppies have soft fur, tiny eyes, and squeaky cries. Newborn babies have silky skin, an irresistible smell, and curious mannerisms. Both puppies and babies are adorable in their own way. As puppies and babies grow they create unforgettable memories and uncontrollable laughter. These adorable miniature creatures can bring joy to our families and our homes.

  1. Need for Love and Care

Children and puppies need lots of love, care, and attention. In our PetCenter stores, we use the analogy of a puppy being a new baby in the family. This is why we offer our Four Needs Tour to help new puppy parents better understand their pup. A puppy will require constant care just like a newborn child. Just as you would tend to the needs of a crying newborn, a puppy’s cry indicates a need for love and care.

  1. Teething

As babies grow, their teeth grow. Puppies face the same challenges that teething babies encounter. The experience can be painful for both puppies and babies as the new teeth break through the gums. Luckily, there are remedies to ease the pain.

  1. Potty Training

As babies grow into toddlers, potty training starts. For puppies, potty training and puppy training begin as soon as you get home. Both puppy training and potty training require patience. Just as children make mistakes and have accidents, so will puppies. Over time they will perfect these skills so don’t give up.

  1. Growth Spurts

One day they are tiny creatures then soon they are full grown teenagers. While you won’t have to take your dog on driving lessons, you can look forward to him growing leaps and bounds. Enjoy the days of puppyhood because just as with children they seem to become young adults right before our eyes.

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