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7 Fun Facts about Yorkshire Terrier puppies

7 Fun Facts about Yorkshire Terrier puppies

June 28, 2018

Yorkies are lovable and pint-sized pups.

They are not shy and anyone who meets them soon finds out! Below are 7 fun facts about Yorkies for sale found in our store and around the world!

  1. The Yorkshire Terrier’s small size doesn’t match their personalities! They are energetic, feisty, and domineering. Yorkies are also very affectionate and want a lot of attention, so give it to them! We have Yorkies for sale.
  2. Would you believe it? Yorkshire Terriers make excellent watchdogs. They won’t be able to tackle and take down an invader, but they’ll bark and bark and bark to let you know of their presence. If you’re looking for a protective dog, purchase Yorkies for sale!
  3. Some Yorkies may also be aggressive toward other small animals, but many Yorkies live quite peacefully with other dogs and even cats.
  4. Yorkies are not the oldest breed of dogs, however they became one of the first to be registered with the American Kennel Club, in 1885.
  5. Yorkies for sale are a big deal today, serving as faithful companions. They were, however, originally bred in the mid-1800s as ratters. They were used to hunt and capture vermin.
  6. Yorkies don’t shed much, but their coats require regular care to keep it in tip-top shape and looking snazzy! If their hair is clipped, be sure to comb and brush it weekly. If they have long hair, we recommend professional grooming.
  7. Originally Yorkshire Terriers were larger than the Yorkies for sale that we see today. Through selective breeding, the they were miniaturized and became fashionable to own. Today, the Yorkie is primarily a pampered companion and preferred lapdog.
  8. Because of their consistent popularity, we try our very best to consistently have Yorkies for sale in our store at all times! If you have any questions, come by and consult with one of our Pet Counselors. We will speak to you about your family size and living environment. Based on our consultations, we’ll let you know if this is the best breed to add to your family. Feel free to come into our store.

We strongly encourage our customers to play and interact with our puppies before they make the big decision to take them home. So stop by today if you think a Yorkshire Terrier might be a great addition to your family!

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