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5 Tips for Healthy Pug Puppies

5 Tips for Healthy Pug Puppies

May 2, 2018

It’s really that simple.

Give Daily Love

Pug puppies for sale crave constant love and praise. They’re just sweet and adorable pups and they have tons of love to give…constantly, so they expect it in return. Pugs are always there waiting to cheer you up when you’re down or just to put a brighter smile on your face. Pugs need attention to be truly happy dogs.

Speaking of Smiles

You’ve got to take care of the teeth of Pug puppies for sale that you purchase and bring into your home. Pugs with healthy teeth digest their food better and reduce the chances of intestinal blockages and stomach related illnesses. To properly care for their teeth, give them healthy foods and treats. They need hard but chewable bones to keep their teeth clean. They reduce plaque and tartar.

Keep ‘em Fenced

Pug puppies for sale aren’t fast runners, or joggers for that matter. You should always keep your Pug in fenced areas, should you decide to let him outside for a while. Pugs aren’t aggressive pups, even when provoked. To avoid confrontations with other dogs, just make sure that your Pug is protectively confined so that they don’t encounter cars, cats, or dogs.

Keep ‘em Leashed, Too

Along the same lines as the above, if you don’t have a fenced in area, they should be leashed when they’re outside and unsupervised.

Protect ‘em From Parasites

Stay up-to-date with appointments and contact with your veterinarian. Always protect your Pug puppies for sale that are now your pet companions from fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Use repellants like Frontline or those administered by your vet. You also want to keep your Pug protected from worms, by cleaning up their poop immediately after he’s relieved himself. Hookworms, for example can easily be found in a pup’s stool and lay eggs in the grass for up to a year! Close contact with that poop can affect your Pug. Mosquitos are also pesky pests, so preventatively protect your Pug from them.

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