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All About Those Little Hamsters!

All About Those Little Hamsters!

July 14, 2018

Hamsters are a great first pet and we happen to have hamster animals for sale here at PetCenter.

Surprised? Maybe you are, but we’re here to enlighten you, because we happen to house and sell several small animals for sale. Our on-site pet counselors are not only knowledgeable about our puppies and kittens, but also of the small animals on sale.

Here are some 15 handy hamster facts!

  1. Hamsters do not like extreme temperatures. Keep their cages away from direct sunlight or near heating or air conditioning vents.
  2. Hamsters like to sleep during the day and play at night.
  3. Hamsters are friendly, like all of the animals for sale in our store. Even though they like to live alone, they do enjoy companionship.
  4. Like guinea pigs, a hamster’s teeth will grow throughout their entire lives. Always provide them with chew toys or sticks to keep them worn down.
  5. Hamsters can learn their names and respond if you talk to them enough.
  6. Hamsters choose their favorite spots to relieve themselves and repeatedly go in one or two corners of their habitat.
  7. Their eyesight is so-so, but they have an excellent sense of smell!
  8. When you look at a hamster and coo over their chubby cheeks, you should know that there’s probably food in there, because hamsters have special storage pouches.
  9. You see wheels in their cages, because they require tons of exercise. We have accessories and essentials for all of the animals for sale in our store.
  10. Hamsters like to hide, so even when they’re sleeping, they will burrow and hide away! It’s actually kinda cute!
  11. Hamsters like veggies and fruits. Click here to find some homemade hamster treats. (link back to previous post)
  12. Hamsters do not require baths, but can be spot-cleaned with a warm, damp towel. Be sure to keep your hamster out of drafts until she is completely dry.
  13. Wash your hamster’s habitat once a month in warm, soapy water. Never ever use an ammonia-based cleanser on your hamster’s cage.
  14. With proper care, hamsters can live to be 2-3 years old.
  15. There are three main types of hamsters: Syrian, Teddy Bear, and Dwarf.

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