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Australian Shepherd for Sale: This Unique Breed Could Be Your Perfect Companion!

Australian Shepherd for Sale: This Unique Breed Could Be Your Perfect Companion!

August 1, 2017

Interested in finding out if an Australian Shepherd for sale would work for you and your family?

Australian shepherds are thought to have originated in Europe and were brought to the country by Basque farmers when they moved to Australia. This was before they were introduced to the United States during the California gold rush. Over the years they have been cross bred to get what we have today. The dog rose to fame when they were featured as rodeo performer’s way back in the 1950s. Want to see pictures of our adorable puppy Australian Shepherd for sale, just click here for our available puppies page!

Its size and appearance

A standard dog weighs 16 to 34 kgs and has a height of between 43 and 58 cm. They have highly set triangular ears, and brown and amber eyes. Its coat is black, has oval feet and docked bobtail.

australian shepherd for sale

Hair coat and coloring

These canine friends have a coat which can be described as ranging from medium to long. They have a dense undercoat ranging from wavy to straight but that offers a lot of protection against bad weather. The head and legs have a short and soft coat with the area around the neck having a thick mane. Although Australian shepherds’ coats vary in color; from black, red merle or blue merle, all have white or tan points.

Character and temperament

These dogs have been described as intelligent; they are easy to train mainly due to their eagerness to learn new things and tricks. This may be perhaps one of the characteristics that has made them a preferred choice as a beloved family pet. They are relaxed and bond easily with family members even children of all ages. The shepherd comes off as a lovely and lively pet, known for its good and social character.

When socialized from an early age, they are a great companions, especially to the children and other pets in the house. They are uncomfortable around strangers, can be easily bored or lose interest especially when they are not allowed to socialize properly or even exercise.

Care and training

Australian shepherds need little grooming, they should only be brushed and bathed when necessary. They are tolerant to cool or warm climates, but require living indoors due to their need for constant socialization. They are easy to train due to their easy and quick learning.

If you need a great companion, there are always Australian shepherds for sale on our site, take advantage of the sale to get a canine friend who will offer companionship and security today!

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