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Blue Frenchie? PetCenter Old Bridge Says “Oui, oui!”

Blue Frenchie? PetCenter Old Bridge Says “Oui, oui!”

February 3, 2018

You don’t have to fly to France to find a rare blue Frenchie! PetCenter Old Bridge has all kinds of Frenchies puppies for sale!

Blue Frenchie? Oui, oui! They’re fun-loving, unique little ones who garner tons of attention everywhere they go. Wanna know about the Blue Frenchie? Let us tell you a few wondrous, but uncommonly known things about this sweet breed you’ve decided to own. Want to skip right to the pictures of adorable blue Frenchie puppies? We don’t blame you, check them out right here!

Flashing Lights

Besides becoming part of an elite breed owner club, you may also become a local celebrity of sorts. Get accustomed to enjoying the attention garnered towards your Blue Frenchie, because it will be the norm for you. They are still a rare breed, so you’ll get a lot questions and poses for pictures. We have a blue French bulldog pup for sale at our PetCenter Old Bridge location!

Michael Phelps they are not

Blue Frenchie dogs are not good swimmers. If you’re a beach lover, be sure to always put a life vest on your Blue Frenchie dog. Some say their short legs hinder their swimming abilities. At any rate, you want to always be aware of them frolicking near water. They also don’t do well in anything but a mild climate, make sure you keep your Frenchie inside if it’s even remotely too hot or cold out!

Mint condition temperament

The Blue Frenchie is known to be a quiet, easy to train, yet silly and humorous dog! They are well behaved with family, friends, and strangers. Frenchies crave this attention and they get it! They don’t require much space, thus they’re perfect as an apartment puppy. Don’t worry, they can be little stubborn at times, if not trained properly, but overall the Blue Frenchie is an affectionate, friendly dog.

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