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Did You Buy a Puppy? Well, Then Check Out the Most Popular Dog Names of 2015!

Did You Buy a Puppy? Well, Then Check Out the Most Popular Dog Names of 2015!

July 23, 2016

Okay, so you want to buy a puppy? But what to name it?

When you want to buy a puppy and choose the name, what comes to mind? Is it your favorite character on Game of Thrones or the name of your favorite flower (Lily! Daisy!)? Let’s face it, naming your new family member is a big responsibility and you want to make sure the name fits the personality. Check out this list of popular names to see if any of these work for you and your pooch! — known as the nation’s Airbnb for dogs! — calculated the top dog names for the year, and the trends they’ve seen throughout 2015. Firstly, people are turning to human names more than ever before with 49% of pups that have come through their site with names that are more common for people.

Here are the top names for boy dogs:

  1. Max

  2. Charlie

  3. Buddy

  4. Cooper

  5. Jack

  6. Rocky

  7. Toby

  8. Duke

  9. Bear

  10. Tucker

Pop Culture is dominating the doggy name game, with a major increase over the last year of dogs named after characters from The Hunger Games, and a slight increase for Harry Potter and Star Wars. While still popular, The Walking Dead, Twilight and Game of Thrones-inspired names saw about a 3% decline.

Now for the ladies:

  1. Bella

  2. Lucy

  3. Daisy

  4. Molly

  5. Lola

  6. Sadie

  7. Maggie

  8. Sophie

  9. Chloe

  10. Bailey

Did your pup’s name make the list? Or maybe one of these names float your boat? We sure hope so! If you’ve found the right name, but are still looking for the right puppy, check our available puppies page today! Thank you for being a loyal member of our blog and customer of our store, we hope to see you soon!

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