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5 Creative Winter Photoshoot Ideas for your Puppy

5 Creative Winter Photoshoot Ideas for your Puppy

November 2, 2018

It’s that time again!

Time to plan your Christmas card photos! If your Christmas wishes come true, your winter photos will include an adorable PetCenter puppy.  We know that choosing the perfect winter theme for your puppy’s photo shoot can be difficult. Our PetCenter team wants to help you narrow down five creative winter photoshoot ideas for your puppy.

  1. Classic Outdoor Winter Wonderland

The classic outdoor winter photoshoot is a great way to capture your puppy having fun in nature. This concept is great for a German Shepherd puppy or a Goldendoodle puppy as their vibrant fur will be a rich contrast against the background of powdery white snow. These classic photoshoots require little to no preparation. All you’ll need is a photographer skilled in taking action shots and a snowy location.

  1. Reindeer Puppy

If you’re not up for the outdoors or you lack the snowy conditions, grab a set of reindeer ears and make your best friend look like one of Santa’s couriers. This photo shoot can be done indoors. Just choose a festive flannel blanket that you and your puppy can cuddle with during the photo shoot. This is a great idea for a Mastiff pup to showcase their big paws and droopy jaws.

  1. Gift Wrapped Puppy

Capture the spirit of Christmas with a gift-wrapped puppy photo shoot. All you’ll need is an empty but spacious gift box or a few Christmas bows. You can even take these photos in your home right in front of your Christmas tree. Use holiday colors such as green and red to showcase your puppy’s Christmas spirit.

  1. Puppy in a Sweater

What’s cuter than an ugly Christmas sweater? A puppy in an ugly Christmas sweater, of course! Check out PetCenter locations to find holiday threads for your puppy. If possible try to find matching sweaters for your family members. What a wonderful way to create a memorable holiday card!

  1. Christmas Lights

If you envision a black and white photo for this year’s Christmas card, try using Christmas lights in your shoot.  Siberian Husky puppies photograph extremely well in black and white, and the sparkle from the Christmas lights will enhance their beautiful eyes.

Your puppy will look great with these winter photo ideas. Stop into a PetCenter location today for holiday inspiration for your current or future puppy.   

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