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Need-to-Know Info about Morkie Puppies

Need-to-Know Info about Morkie Puppies

October 10, 2018

What’s a Morkie you ask?

You take one part Maltese and one part Yorkie, and you have one fluffy and adorable little pooch! Our Morkies for sale will melt your heart time and time again. Want to see some of the puppies in our store? Check out our available puppies page right here and then read these amazing Morkie facts!

  1. Gorgeous Genes

The coat of a Morkie is the beautiful blend, and it all depends on its genetics. They’ll range from being solid black to tan or white or a combination of all. In every case, their coats will be soft and long, requiring regular grooming. Our Morkies for sale are brushed several times a week to keep their hair from tangling and developing mats. We want them in perfect condition for new potential pet owners like you! They should be bathed no more than once a month with natural shampoos and conditioners.

  1. Bark to Me

Ask any Morkie parent, and they’ll tell you that these beauties have great personalities. They’re rather happy and cheerful pups, but they are barkers! If you don’t want a noisy dog, then you may want to consider a different breed, because these little guys can bark up a storm! They are prone to separation anxiety which exasperates their barking.

  1. Feel the Burn!

Most people think that the larger the dog, the more exercise it’ll need. They’re not entirely off base, but did you know that little Morkies require a lot of physical stimulation? Yep, they do! You must take your pup on walks several times a day for two reasons.

  1. The first reason is that they can be destructive. As we mentioned earlier, they suffer from separation anxiety which means they can do bad things to the good things in your house if left alone for too long. Exercising them will curb some of this behavior.
  2. The second reason they need to be exercised is to burn off the food they’ve consumed. Waah?! Gasp!!! What do we mean? We mean that these little fellas can eat! Morkies are prone to weight gains. They have quite the appetite. Feed your pup a high-quality kibble. This will provide him with the necessary nutrients he’ll need for a healthy diet and maintaining a beautiful coat.

So what do you think? Are one of our Morkie puppies the right dog for you? Do you need a little more information? If so, check out our past blog about these beauties or contact one of our pet counselors who are onsite and available for your questions. We have tons of other puppies for sale in our store that may be a better match. Let’s discuss all of your possibilities!

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