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English Bulldogs: The Mascot of The World

English Bulldogs: The Mascot of The World

July 6, 2018

Why are English Bulldog puppies for sale so popular?

If you take a look at dozens of institutions all over the world, but specifically in the United States, you’ll see the recognizable face of the English Bulldog used as their logo. Many colleges and businesses have chosen the symbol to show the toughness and tenaciousness that they represents. We can’t blame them!

Mistaking English Bulldog puppies for sale with other breeds is not easy, because they are simply unique. The English Bulldog has a nose that is wide and muscular, with a wide head and their cheeks extend on the both sides of the eyes. They have dense wrinkly skin on their foreheads and a distinct mouth. Their jaws are undershot creating a somewhat comical underbite, with their massive jaws! Speaking of their jaws, they’re strong and can hold onto an attacker or animal, which is why they excelled in hunting.

English Bulldog puppies for sale have an origin that can be traced back to hundreds of years. They originated from England and were used horrifically during the bull baiting years. They have thankfully moved beyond their tragic history and reputation as being such ferocious characters. Now, you’ll find that English Bulldog puppies for sale have a loving and sweet disposition.

Here are some quick fun facts about English Bulldog puppies for sale:

  • They are very stubborn. They walk when they wanna walk and come when they wanna come! Be patient as an owner, however!
  • According to the American Kennel Club, Bulldogs were the fifth most popular pet dog in the United States, in 2013.
  • Bulldogs snore even when they’re not sleeping and that’s because of their short snouts and smushed faces.
  • Forget about taking your newly purchased English Bulldog puppies for sale for a swim, because they can’t.
  • Because of the size of a Bulldog’s head, it’s unlikely that they were delivered naturally, but rather via a caesarian section.

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