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Family and Kid Friendly Dogs

Family and Kid Friendly Dogs

September 10, 2018

Here at PetCenter, we become ecstatic when families come into our stores and want to purchase a puppy!

We are even happier when we learn that it’s their first purchase and they’re explicitly looking for kid friendly dogs. We know this is a huge family decision and appreciate our customers entrusting us with creating a new and fun-loving home environment.


Once you’ve made this decision and your new puppy joins your home, we have a few helpful suggestions:

  • Always supervise any interactions between your kids and your new puppy, by keeping a particularly watchful eye with young toddlers.
  • Never leave your toddlers alone with any new dog.
  • Teach your little ones how to handle your new puppy very early on so that you’re creating a safe and pleasant atmosphere. They should know that even though you’ve purchased one of our kid friendly dogs, they should be gently handled.
  • Enroll your puppy in obedience classes.

These are all easy steps to follow and will ensure a safe and pleasant home environment for your new pup and kids! Below are three of our top kid friendly dogs we have in our store.



Poodles are highly intelligent and equally gentle. They are exceptionally kid friendly dogs, and they are also excellent for family members with allergies. This is because they shed very little and don’t have a lot of dander, which is what causes allergies. They are incredibly sweet-natured and make excellent playmates for children.


Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most requested kid friendly dogs! They’re highly popular in homes with kids of all ages. They crave and love human companionship, so they’re perfect! They are playful yet protective and very reliable. They can be easily trained so feel free to start teaching them fun tricks immediately and watch them follow!


English Bulldogs

They look rough and have gotten some bad reputations in the past, but Bulldogs are so gentle and sweet. Along with their strong and sturdy bodies are undeniably unique faces! While they may not be one of the most energetic kid friendly dogs, they are perfect for living in any environment. This means they can thrive well in an apartment or a large house. Because of their bodies they can handle a little rough play with little ones. Still, we advise you adhere to our tips as mentioned earlier!


Take a look at all of our available puppies by clicking here! We can help you select the perfect pet companion for your home!


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