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FAQs about Pug Puppies for You!

FAQs about Pug Puppies for You!

April 7, 2019

Are you looking into adding a Pug puppy to your family? Check out our FAQs before you do!

Pugs are precious and mischievous! They have the most inquisitive faces. It’s like they’re always asking a question! The Pugs for sale in NJ PetCenter locations are no exception! Our Pug puppies are adorable and people always gravitate towards them when they visit our store. People from all walks of life have fallen head over heels for Pug puppies. They really fit into any lifestyle, whether it’s a single person home or a large family with kids. They make the perfect addition to any household. Here’s a list of our frequently asked questions about Pugs for sale in NJ.

How much exercise do pugs require?

We’re going to get into their weight a little later on, but we’re going to let you know now that they are a lazy breed and they detest exercise. Sure, sure they have short snouts that might impact their breathing patterns but that’s in extreme climates. We think Pugs use this to their advantage because these babies are slow runners and downright couch potatoes or lap dogs! So, to answer this question, yes they require exercise to keep their weights under control but they won’t be joyfully joining you on a jog! You may opt for game playing to get in more exercise out of your Pug.pugs for sale

How much do Pugs typically weigh?

These babies are certainly prone to obesity, so no people food or high calorie treats. A normal and healthy weight for Pugs is 14 and 18 pounds.

What are their diets like?

As we mentioned, they are prone to obesity and perhaps that has a lot to do with the fact that Pugs absolutely love to eat! It’s imperative that you give your Pug healthy treats and that they’re on a likewise and nutritional diet. You must be consistent with this throughout their lifetime. As much as you love your Pug, they love their food!

What’s the lifespan of a Pug?

Pugs have a fairly long lifespan. They have an average of living between 13 and 15 years.

What are their grooming requirements?

Despite being short-haired dogs, Pugs shed quite a bit. You’ll need to brush them several times a week to keep a handle on the loose hairs! Invest in lint brushes and a powerful mini-vac to pick up hairs quickly. Keep their nails trimmed and short at all times. Long nails can hurt your Pug’s paw pad. Brush their teeth and keep the wrinkles on their faces cleaned. This will keep out any infections and other skin irritants.

When you find Pugs for sale in NJ at one of our PetCenter locations, you’ll fall in love because of their overall gentle and comical dispositions. They are a happy and healthy breed that’s understandably desired. Take a look at our available Pug puppies page and contact us on how you can own one of our PetCenter Pugs for sale in NJ.

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