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Five Tips For a Healthy & Happy Puppy Smile

Five Tips For a Healthy & Happy Puppy Smile

November 22, 2018

When you purchase a puppy for sale at PetCenter you get more than just a furry friend.

At PetCenter, we are dedicated to providing you with the education you need to have a long-term and successful relationship with your new puppy. Just as with humans an early focus on dental care can improve the overall health and appearance of your puppy. Whether you purchased or are shopping for newborn puppies for sale we encourage you to read these five tips for keeping your puppy’s teeth healthy.


Dog love bones which is why at PetCenter stores we carry the Nylon bones that pups can’t resist. These bones are a great activity that keeps dogs occupied for hours and as the nylon frays, it acts like food removing tartar and plaque build-up from your puppy’s mouth.


Did you know there are specialty toothbrushes made just for dogs? The acts of brushing help to remove trapped food and stimulates gums which feels really good to dogs. Start brushing your dog’s teeth early so he can adjust to the sensations from a young age.

Using Mouth Rinse

Dogs can use a special rinse to decrease bad breath. Unlike human mouth rinse, dog mouthwash does not contain alcohol making it safe for pups to swallow.

Avoid Tennis Balls

While tennis balls seem like a great option for dog toys they actually can be harmful to your dog’s smile and overall health. The hair on the tennis ball gets easily trapped in between your pup’s teeth and these balls break easily and are then ingested making them a choking hazard.

Kong Toys 

The Kong brand of dog toys was made to withstand the jaws of even the strongest pets. These rubber toys help keep dogs occupied and helps satisfy the sensation to chew, which helps protect your shoes and other valuables around the house.

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