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Have You Ever Thought About Adding a Miniature Australian Shepherd to Your Family?

Have You Ever Thought About Adding a Miniature Australian Shepherd to Your Family?

November 5, 2017

Our Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies might just be the companion of your dreams!

Contrary to their names, the Australian Shepherd is not from Australia at all, but from a region near the Pyrenees Mountains! The breed was considered “perfected” in America and has been a beloved member of US households for many years. Both full size and Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies make great pets for those with active lifestyles, that’s why we always have them in our store, check them out here!

Our beloved Aussies will steal your heart!

Aussies were bred to be alert, intelligent, agile and adaptable to different terrains and climates. And while they started off as a herding breed, their ease of training has made them excellent services dogs, therapy dogs and, oddly enough, rodeo clowns! They are great for first time owners because they train very quickly and are eager to please their owners. They do need to have ample playtime throughout the day to keep their excess energy down. Usually a nice romp in the backyard or fetch session at the dog park will do just for the Mini Aussie!

What to expect with a Miniature Australian Shepherd

While the Mini Aussie is most notable for having blue eyes, they can also be green, hazel, brown or even a marbling of two different colors! The also come in a variety of coats, including chocolate, black, and red or blue merle. They weigh in at about 20-30lbs full grown. You do have to watch out for shedding seasons like Spring and Fall and we suggest routinely using a nice de-shedding brush.

The Aussie is an energetic breed that needs time outside to run and play. They make a great pet for active families that have children and a big back yard!

Interested in finding out more about the Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies we have in our store, just give us a call today!

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