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How to Keep Your Pet Out of Your Backyard Garden this Spring

How to Keep Your Pet Out of Your Backyard Garden this Spring

April 21, 2019

Are you excited to start planting in your home garden this Spring? PetCenter in New Jersey has some tips for you!

It is a rewarding hobby to plant seeds and watch them grow. PetCenter wants you to enjoy your spring planting and potentially growing fruits and vegetables with your pets at home. Planting in the garden can be tricky with pets. We want to share how to keep your pet out of your garden this spring. Spring is also a great time to check out puppies for sale at PetCenter in New Jersey, here are pics of our cuties!

Create a fence around your garden in the backyard.

You can buy an inexpensive wire fence for your garden that will keep your pet away. It will also keep unwanted outside pets away as well. Although our furry friends are loving and have an endless amount of energy, we want to create a safe space for them to play without disrupting the garden. Create a separate space for your dog to play that is a nice distance away from your garden.petland in georgia

Make some “ground” rules.

We know this sounds a bit odd, but it can be a great way to include bonding time and encourage your dog not to ruin your plants. While you are planting teach them the do’s and don’ts so they will learn quickly how sacred your garden is. Dogs are very smart and will learn if you teach them. PetCenter in New Jersey has puppies for sale if you are looking to add to your family while planning for your Spring garden!

Create consistency for gardening.

Pick a time to tend to your garden every day so that your pet knows what to expect. The time spent in the garden shouldn’t interfere with the time your pet goes out to play or take a walk. This is important as they can learn the routine and know what to expect when you get home. It also gives your pet the time to release his or her energy so they won’t have as much energy to play in your garden and potentially do some damage.

Give them something else to dig up.

To keep your dog from digging up your garden you can give them a separate area to dig. This is a great idea to distract your dog from destroying all the hard work you put in to growing a beautiful garden and give your dog some play time.

PetCenter in New Jersey has the cutest puppies for sale if you’re looking to add to your family. We take care of our pups and we want you to as well. Come see us today for puppies for sale or tips on how to create a safe and healthy garden for your backyard.

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