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How to Manage Shiba Inu Puppies Hair

How to Manage Shiba Inu Puppies Hair

September 20, 2018

Surely the thick and beautiful mane of Shiba Inu puppies for sale is only part of the reason you were drawn to them.

Of course, their foxy facial features is another! It’s likely that you’ll need some assistance handling their hair. We’ve got the assistance you need in this blog post.


How often do they shed?

Shiba Inus are double-coated dogs and shed every day, but they shed quite heavily twice a year, typically during the spring and fall. They will shed their entire undercoat, which lasts a few weeks. Keep your vacuums nearby, lint brushes handy, and dust cloths in-stock! Their undercoats are light and fluffy and will fly all over the place including your coffee tables, clothing, and silverware. Nothing is off limits!


How often should they be groomed?

During the spring and fall shedding seasons when they “blow” their coats, they will need to be groomed at least twice a week. During the off-shedding times, Shibas need to be brushed at least twice a month. What a big difference, right?

If they are not regularly brushed, nothing terrible will happen to your pup. Her hair will just naturally fall off, and you’ll have hair everywhere! One other thing of importance is that you should groom your Shiba Inu more frequently during the summer season or if you live in warm climates. This will ensure that your pup doesn’t overheat.


How should they be groomed?

They should be groomed gently! We must reiterate that point because Shibas tend to be sensitive to the slightest bit of pain! When you purchase Shiba Inu puppies for sale, grab the Furminator as well. It’s an excellent tool for capturing loose hairs.


How often should they be bathed, if necessary?

Ideally, you should bathe your Shiba Inu twice the usual number of times during shedding seasons. All of the extra hairs contain more of your pup’s dead skin cells and debris.


Are Shiba Inu puppies for sale hypoallergenic?

Though no dog is technically 100% hypoallergenic, there are indeed dogs that are less likely to affect persons with allergies. Shiba Inu puppies for sale are not for those people! As we’ve mentioned many times, they shed a lot, and they produce a lot of dander, which is the allergen.


We hope that this has been helpful for you and your pup! Should you have any other questions regarding our Shiba Inu puppies for sale or shedding tools, feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable pet counselors today!


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