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Keeping Your Puppy Happy & Well Adjusted Outdoors

Keeping Your Puppy Happy & Well Adjusted Outdoors

August 8, 2019

The weather is warm and the days are long.

You spend your week working so it’s only right to enjoy the weekend and head outdoors with your puppy, but if you’ve ever felt anxiety about bringing your pup with you as you seek out adventure you aren’t alone. As a pet owner, it’s fun to make memories with your furry friend, but you may be faced with making the decision as to whether or not your pet will adjust to a new environment. There are many unknown variables in new environments including people and other animals. 

So how can you help your dog learn to be happy in new settings? The answer is simple: A well-adjusted puppy requires preparation and training. Whether you’re at the outdoor brewery, a summer festival, a dog park or just relaxing at the lake, here are some ways to make sure your puppy stays happy.

Dog-Friendly Activities

A great way to reduce anxiety for yourself and your puppy is to choose dog-friendly activities so that your puppy can feel entertained and included. Picnics can be a fun occasion for your family and your pet. It’s important to pack a doggy bag just for them. 

  • Your doggy bag should include: 
  • A water and food bowl
  • Water bottles
  • Food & treats for your puppy
  • A leash
  • And their favorite blanket 

Puppies love to feel at home so make the outdoor picnic area as relaxing and familiar as possible for them. Offer your dog food at the same time that you eat and keep unsafe human food like grapes, onions, and chocolate out of reach. Bringing some fun activities for your pup to enjoy such as chasing balls or frisbees will not just keep them entertained but also provide some good exercise.

Choose the right outdoor event for your pup

Adjusting to the outside world can be a challenge for your dog. Some dogs are naturally more aggressive or territorial than others and feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings with strangers. A stressed-out and barking dog won’t make your outdoor fun very enjoyable. 

Always consider your pet’s temperament, age, and even their breed when you choose the type of outdoor event you plan to take along. Some puppies may be too young for larger crowds while others may be too old for loud music and new surroundings. 

If your puppy does not have the people friendly temperament or tends to be out of control in a crowd take the time to attend a PetCenter puppy training. After some successful training sessions, test out your puppy’s new skills by starting off with small events with a small crowd of people to give them a chance to adjust. 

Eyes on your surroundings 

The outdoors are unpredictable, so it’s your job to ensure your pup’s safety. Watch out for sharp objects and other outdoor dangers such as litter and other waste. Since your puppy has a super sense of smell, they may be attracted to trash and objects on the ground at an outdoor event, so it’s up to you to make sure that your dog doesn’t consume anything harmful. 

  • Use approved dog toys like the Chuckit Zipflight frisbee rather than picking up a stick. Sticks and other such objects can cause splinters or other abrasions in your dog’s mouth. 
  • Always be aware of other plants and animals that could be potentially harmful. We all know skunks can be stinky, but some plants can make your dog sick.
  • Check the leash laws or rules for where you’re going. Not all places are made for unleashed pets. 

Check your dog’s temperament 

Before you venture out to enjoy a beautiful summer day assess your pup’s mood. Is your dog energized and happy? If so then they will most likely enjoy a day in the outdoors. Is your dog anxious or irritable? If so then it may be best to choose another day to explore. No matter how badly you’d like to take your puppy out, don’t force it.  Taking an unhappy dog out into the world could be stressful for you both. It’s best to set your puppy up for success by assessing whether or not today’s a good day to enjoy the sunshine. 

The summertime can be the best season to enjoy the outdoors and bonding with your puppy can make the time spent even more pleasant. By taking the steps necessary to ensure your pet’s safety, you will create everlasting memories. 


Now that you’re ready, enjoy your summer adventure with your furry friend, time to get hopping and go exploring!


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