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Mastiff Puppies for Sale: So Many Gentle Giants to Choose From!

Mastiff Puppies for Sale: So Many Gentle Giants to Choose From!

May 11, 2017

Mastiff Puppies for Sale Can Come in Many Different Shapes and Sizes, Read Along for More!

Looking for mastiff puppies for sale? Mastiffs are a large breed of dog which is thought to be the ancestor of breeds like the Alaunt, Britanniae and the Pugnaces. This breed is huge with a trademark large head and black face. The English Mastiff is a gentle giant; it is the largest dog breed when it comes to mass. There is also the Dogue de Bordeaux, which is the French Mastiff. And there is also the Bullmastiff, the American version and the Cane Corso, which is an Italian Mastiff. And last, but not least, the very recognizable Neapolitan Mastiff!

So before you check out mastiff puppies for sale, check out some characteristics about these awesome dog breeds:

  • This breed does not require regular grooming. It requires little to no stripping or trimming too.
  • This dog is very intelligent, but you need perseverance and patience to train it regularly.
  • It is the ultimate guard dog since it will bark to warn its owners and intimidate an attacker. Its massive size makes it look very powerful and most of all, it is loyal and will protect its owners no matter what.
  • Despite its size it can live well in an apartment and will not require a yard to live. You must therefore encourage it to walk, run and play to keep it healthy and maintain its weight.
  • But if you do not exercise and prefer to simply sit back, relax or read a book then a gentle mastiff is the right dog companion for you.
  • This breed is for people who are experienced and willing to train and maintain a powerful dog.
  • Finally, it is very good with kids and with other house pets. It will play with children and will protect them. Some mastiffs are shy and aloof when it comes to strangers.

Is your head spinning yet on all the different kinds of Mastiff puppies? Don’t you worry! Our dedicated, knowledgeable Pet Counselors can help steer you in the right direction of the Mastiff puppy best for you. While Mastiffs all have similar characteristics, there a definitely subtle differences that can make one breed more perfect for your family. Click here to visit our available puppies page to see all of our Mastiff puppies for sale!

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