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OMGee You’ve Got a GSD! German Shepherd Puppies at PetCenter

OMGee You’ve Got a GSD! German Shepherd Puppies at PetCenter

February 13, 2018

German Shepherd puppies are not only cute and cuddly, they have all the makings of a great companion!

OMGee you’ve got a GSD! Congratulations on getting a German Shepherd puppy. They are regal and some one of the most loyal breeds to exist. You chose them for many reasons.

Here some interesting facts and tips about owning German shepherd puppies:

Run, walk, play

FACT: Though they’re cute and little when you first bring them home, GSDs grow and grow and grow. They also require a lot of daily exercise. These fun fellows will take full advantage of an open field. Be prepared for meeting their physical needs by locating local parks where they can run, walk and play. Don’t be afraid to make your GSD your favorite workout partner!

German Shredders

TIP: German Shepherd puppies are notoriously known for being destructive little ones. They’ve been given the nickname as German Shredders and this phase can go into their adolescent stages. To help remedy their, let’s call it a “playful period,” crate train them early and keep them well exercised, both physically and mentally.

Smarter Than a 5th Grader

FACT: Be prepared to own a dog who may be smarter than you! They ranked as the third most intelligent dog. They are incredibly alert and eager to please. German Shepherd dogs can be trained to do almost anything. They keep you alert, as they’re seemingly one step ahead of you!

Hair Today…Hair Tomorrow

TIP: Yet another nickname for German Shep puppies is German Shedders, because they shed. To help with the shedding, keep the diets healthy and invest in some digestible oils. Not only do they promote health coats, they prevent less shedding. Pop over to PetCenter Old Bridge for de-shedding products and daily maintenance.

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