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Our Cavachon Puppies for Sale Will Captivate You with Their Charm!

Our Cavachon Puppies for Sale Will Captivate You with Their Charm!

August 23, 2017

Looking for Cavachon puppies for sale? Well, you’ve certainly picked a very sweet and loving breed!

If you’re looking for a designer breed that is small in size and can live comfortably in apartments, then you’ll find our Cavachon puppies for sale a good bet. We have Cavachon puppies from the best breeders in the country. You will get puppies that will fit well within your environment and at the same time offer you unrivaled companionship.

About Cavachon puppies

The Cavachon is not a pure breed dog, it’s actually a cross breed between the Cavalier king and bichon Frise dogs. This combination gives rise to a cool tempered, fuzzy coat and lovely breed that likes human company. They are small dogs making them a perfect choice for people who have small spaces especially those living in the apartments. They’re also an ideal dog for those who travel extensively, carrying this dog along in your adventures will not be a hassle, it’s actually easy. Also the fact that they don’t shed frequently means that your carpet as well as car seats will not be soiled.

cavachon puppies for sale


Cavachons have a soft and silky coats which also have some slight waves. The standard colours for these coats include white, a combination of white and apricot, on one side we those which have white colored coats combined with some black areas and on the other there are those which have black coats with tan markings. The different types of coats means that the dog owner has a variety to choose from.

Cool temperament

Those looking for aggressive canine friends will be disappointed to find the Cavachons have a cool character. The canine friend is gentle, tolerant in most cases and quick to make friends. This makes them a good choice for dog owners who have children or other pets. It won’t never disturb the peace, it knows how to respect other pets’ space. Children will be happy that they have a companion who does not compete for attention from their parents. This kind of character perhaps contributes greatly to making this dog a favourite in many homes.

Active life

Cavachons are full of energy but not like some dogs which are hyperactive. The dog is composed; it doesn’t use its energy negatively. To give it the best and help consume this energy it needs moderate exercise, for example a walk in the park would be ideal, it helps in staying fit as well as stimulating the dog.

Get a dog that will fit well within your lifestyle, our Cavachon puppies for sale will help you towards this end.

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