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Pampering Your Sweet Pooch

Pampering Your Sweet Pooch

January 18, 2019

Who doesn’t love a little pampering every now and then?

As humans, when we need to decompress sometimes a glass of wine just won’t do it – so to the spa we go! Guess what…the French Bulldog puppies love the same thing! Studies have shown that there are numerous benefits and advantages that dog massages offer. Here are just five of them:

  1. Massages help with dog post-surgery rehab.

Dogs that have undergone surgery will benefit from massage techniques applied with pressure and kneading. This will help to relieve pain and anxiety. This has been proven to be true for both dogs that have had surgery involving bones and muscles, and those with previous fractures.

  1. Massages help with establishing a connection between owners and newly joined French Bulldog puppies for sale dogs.

Just as with humans, the sense of touch can be a soothing one that establishes trust and compassion. Creating this exact connection with your French Bulldog puppies will do that same. There’s nothing like the bond between a pet parent and furry baby.

  1. Massages help with increasing flexibility.

Flexibility is important in dogs because it greatly reduces the chances of injury. Massages help with increasing flexibility and improve the state of the muscles and skeletal structure both before and after the activity.

  1. Massages help with blood circulation.

When pressure is applied along with the movement of the skin, circulation of the bones and muscles are improved. The flow of blood vessels is also positively affected.

  1. Massages help with the development and maintenance of muscle tone.

When adding in the overall improvement of blood circulation, massages also help with the development and maintenance of muscle tone. The former is most important as it relates to the age of the French Bulldog puppies. The earlier, the better for massaging puppies. Massage maintenance helps with older dogs and their muscles. This is especially true to provide temporary relief from joint pain.

These are just some of the benefits related to giving the French Bulldog puppies that you purchased, in fact, any dog can benefit. Give it a try!

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