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Part 1: General Dog Info You Should Know Before You Buy a Dog

Part 1: General Dog Info You Should Know Before You Buy a Dog

January 22, 2019

There are some general things that you should know as a current or potential dog owner.

Some of this information may be simplistic and that’s the point. Short, sweet, but chock full of useful tidbits.

Before You Bring Home a Dog

You will need healthy food, water and food bowls, a leash, a collar, a harness too, a training crate, a brush and comb, and toys!


Be sure to create a loving and warm space for your puppy. You’ll want it to be away from drafty areas and off of the floor. They love soft and comfy spaces just as we do! Get creative and be considerate of your new furry family member. Over time, make sure that you wash your dog’s bedding with pet-friendly cleaning agents.

Official Identification and Licensing

Before you buy a dog, make sure that you check your community’s regulations. Across the country, there are cities, counties, states, and neighborhoods that have established specific breed guidelines. Most places have a basic requirement of having an ID tag on your dog, but other places follow their laws to a T and require microchipping and the issuance of a license from your residing county. It’s important that you conduct as much research as possible before you buy a dog.

Teach the Basics ASAP

Nobody loves an untrained dog. They’re seemingly unpredictable and consequently receive less love than they crave and deserve. A well-trained dog is ideal and adored! Start training your dog early and begin with the basic ones like: sit, stay, come, leave it. A great investment into your doggy’s future is enrollment in an obedience class. Knowledge is key – education is power, isn’t that what they say?


Every dog needs daily exercise for mental and physical stimulation. The amount is going to vary based on size, breed, weight, and sometimes attitude! In any case, get ready to commit to feeding your dog physically and mentally. They will need fun training games for mental training and they’ll likely require some sort of physical exercise, too. This is a healthy activity that will benefit you both while increasing your bond.

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