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PetCenter Breeders Spotlight on Shadow Valley Kennels: Where Does PetCenter Get Their Puppies?

PetCenter Breeders Spotlight on Shadow Valley Kennels: Where Does PetCenter Get Their Puppies?

October 13, 2017

It’s an exciting announcement people! We are so pumped to include another family into our PetCenter breeders program!

Where our puppies come from is just as important to us as where they’re going. And just like we have our puppies going to loving, furrrr-ever homes, that’s where we’re getting them! Our PetCenter breeders are some of the best in the country and we’re proud of each and every person we work with. PetCenter’s name has long been associated with high standards of care and animal husbandry, not only in our store, but at the source as well. We know that when you come into our store, you expect to find happy, healthy pets from places that have been thoroughly inspected and we respect that. So, when we hear, “Where does PetCenter get their puppies from?” we can give you the best kind of answer!

Drumroll please! Here is Vernon Troyer and his pride and joy, Shadow Valley Kennels!

Shadow Valley Kennels is a USDA licensed kennel owned and operated by Vernon in Seymour, Iowa. Mr. Troyer has had a life-long love of animals, with dogs definitely holding a special place in his heart. He started raising hunting dog s at the age of 14, but has since moved on to the family pet realm. Shadow Valley Kennels now specializes in Yorkie puppies for sale and Maltese puppies for sale.

Continuing education is the name of the game

Vernon is an avid member of the local Iowa Kennel Assurance Program (IKAP). This program is instrumental in keeping breeders up-to-date on all the best kennel practices, genetic research and increasing animal husbandry standards. Vernon makes sure that his adult dogs are well taken care of, with a lot of focus put on exercise, stimulation and daily nutrition. This focus really shows in his beautiful outdoor socialization and play yard, meant for both the adult dogs and puppies alike! Vernon truly loves what he does and strives to raise the bar every chance he can, now that’s a mark of a great breeder!

Are you interested in finding out if we have any of Shadow Valley’s Maltese or Yorkie puppies for sale? Just give out Pet Counselors a call today or visit our available puppies pages!

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