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PetCenter Breeders Spotlight on That’ll Do Kennel: Where Does PetCenter Get Its Puppies?

PetCenter Breeders Spotlight on That’ll Do Kennel: Where Does PetCenter Get Its Puppies?

October 17, 2017

Hello again! Ready for the newest kennel to make the cut for our PetCenter breeders program?

Here at PetCenter, we get so excited to be able to show you where are puppies are coming from! Not a day goes by that we don’t hear the question, “Where does PetCenter get their puppies?” and it’s such a rush to be able to show all our hard work when it comes to sourcing PetCenter breeders and putting together trips to visit them. It’s so important to us that PetCenter continues to be a beacon in the pet industry for supporting not only responsible pet ownership, but also the caring, reputable breeders that those pets come from!

Now, let’s get to know the Schlabach family from That’ll Do Kennel

That’ll Do Kennel is owned and operated by the Schlabach Family. Levi and Esther, with the help of their seven children, began raising puppies in 2014 and welcomed their very first litter of puppies in May of 2016. The whole family loves being around animals and working outside along with their pups. They raise Golden Retriever puppies for sale, Goldendoodles for sale and Newfoundland puppies for sale. In the spirit of continuing education, the Schlabach family received training lessons from an AKC representative. This training helps the Schlabachs to connect with and nurture their adult dogs. It is also important for their puppies, as exercise and playtime promote healthy, happy pets! They make it a high priority for both parent dogs and puppies to spend as much time as possible in the exercise yard and in their doggy-approved swimming pools.

Going the extra mile is what this is all about!

It’s not just wanting to be a great breeder that makes it so, and the Schlabach family knows all about raising the bar when it comes to responsible breeding practices and pet ownership. They work hard to make sure that every puppy is exposed to toys, other animals, training and people so they can acclimate to their new homes seamlessly. They also will rehome any puppy that wasn’t a good fit or couldn’t be cared for properly by their families. It’s so important that every baby puppy that they raise has the best life it can!

Well, we certainly think that the Schlabachs have it figured out when it comes to caring for their beloved animals! Want to see if we have any Golden Retriever puppies, Newfoundland puppies or Goldendoodle puppies for sale from That’ll Do Kennel? Check out our available puppies page or give us a call today!

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