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Before You Head to PetCenter for Bullmastiff Puppies, Read All About Them!

Before You Head to PetCenter for Bullmastiff Puppies, Read All About Them!

September 15, 2017

Bullmastiffs are often known as the “American Mastiff”, but their history tells a different tale!

Described as a relatively new breed, the Bullmastiff’s origins can be traced to way back in the mid 19th century England, precisely around 1860. They are associated with the English gamekeepers who required large, brave and quiet dogs which they could use to track down poachers and increase the chances of capturing them. I know, I know! You thought they were just supposed to sit around and look cute, right? Well, they are cute, but also a working breed! Want to see all of our adorable Bullmastiff puppies for sale before you finish our blog, just click here! And don’t worry, we don’t mind!

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How the Bullmastiff breed came to be

To get a dog that could give them such characteristics, historians think that they experimented with several dogs, but eventually a Mastiff and Bulldog cross breeding gave them the desired results. A mastiff was large, but when it came to aggression, it was way below a bulldog. The bulldog, on the other hand, was tenacious and brave, but performed poorly in terms of size and knocking down and holding a poacher. A cross breed of these two dogs led to a breed that would perform the required duty perfectly, as it was reported that poaching declined and the Bullmastiff acquired a new role, guarding! With that brief history, it becomes clear the awesome traits that made the Bullmastiff perfect for it’s previous role also make it perfect for families!

Bullmastiff puppies have enduring personality traits

As we already know, the Bullmastiff acquired the braveness of a bulldog and confidence of a mastiff. Bullmastiff puppies come off as fearless and confident, they are also obedient and easy to train as long as they are challenged and given treats. Some describe them as independent thinkers, albeit very intelligent and eager to please. Getting a Bullmastiff for young children is like giving them a playmate and a protector all rolled into one! While they will fiercely guard their families, they are unfailingly tender towards small children and other animals. We think the Bullmastiff is a great breed for many types of families! Come check our Bullmastiff puppies out today!

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