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PetCenter Is Open for You

PetCenter Is Open for You

August 28, 2018

At PetCenter, we work continuously hard to maintain the already great reputation that we’ve built since 1967.

We have been helping families adopt new pets into their homes and there’s no stopping us. We are simply committed to making your relationship with your new pet the absolute best it can be. We help to accomplish this by making ourselves available to you with long PetCenter hours.

Many pet supply stores service their customers with comparable hours, but how many pet stores that sell precious puppies and other pets can say the same? We are unique in a lot of ways and our PetCenter hours is just one of them. Monday through Friday our stores are open from 11am to 9pm. This allows many families who are considering pet ownership to visit several times a day to play and interact with their soon-to-be new pet! Lunch break visits and after work visits are easily doable!

Also available during our open PetCenter hours are our onsite Pet Counselors, who have received intensive and continuous training. They are equipped to answer your questions and assist in making sure that the best pet is matched with you.

As you can guess, weekends are rather busy because families with kids have more time to visit and play with our puppies, birds, and other small animals. Opening at 10 am, our Saturday PetCenter hours are slightly longer for the early and excited risers! On Sunday, we open at Noon, however, we stay open until 9pm just like every other day of the week! Normally you’ll find that most stores in general close earlier, but our PetCenter hours on Sundays are unique and once again caters to families and potential new pet owners.

Having the ability to play with our pets and purchase supplies is one of many PetCenter perks! We are proud to open our doors to you as always. Come see for yourself.

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