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PetCenter Old Bridge Employee Spotlight: Brooke Mohler

PetCenter Old Bridge Employee Spotlight: Brooke Mohler

January 26, 2016


Since PetCenter Old Bridge first opened its doors over 16 years ago, the most important part of what we do has been taking care of little lives. Of the many people we entrust to carry out this important mission, we picked a few to tell an important story – their own.

Although they come from unique backgrounds, these professionals are focused on a singular goal: caring for animals. We asked them for their stories, and as a result, we learned more about our own story in the process.

Brooke Mohler

From a very young age, Brooke Mohler has been passionate about taking care of animals. When she first joined the PetCenter Old Bridge team in February 2013 as a pet counselor, she was also pursuing a veterinary degree. However, Brooke’s career path changed course as she found her calling helping families find their perfect match and making connections that change lives.

As one of the store’s sales managers, Brooke helps ensure customers have the best experience possible. Brooke also helps train the store’s new hires, helping them get up to speed on PetCenter’s pet counseling process, which she has become incredibly passionate about.

“I love matching the right pet with the right person,” Brooke said. “I remember how excited I was to bring my first pet home, and I love creating that experience for other people.”

Brooke also understands how lives change for the good when a family makes the decision to bring a pet into their home. When a couple came into the store looking for a pet to comfort their young girl after she witnessed a crime, Brooke paired her with a German Shepherd puppy. As the young girl saw the dog, she began crying tears of joy. The girl finally felt a sense of security and safety return after it had once been taken away.

“Her life changed, big time, before she took home her puppy. But, thankfully, it also changed for the good after,” Brooke recalled. “Matches like that are why I love what I do.”

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