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PetCenter Old Bridge: Your Perfect Yorkie Is Waiting For You!

PetCenter Old Bridge: Your Perfect Yorkie Is Waiting For You!

March 9, 2018

Yorkshire Terriers have been at the top as far as popularity for many years!

And it’s no different here at PetCenter! This pint-sized companion has been charming our customers for many years as well. Our Yorkis for sale are literally the cutest around, check out pictures of them right here on our available puppies page!

Here are 10 unique facts about Yorkis for sale that you’ll find useful when selecting one to bring home!

  1. If you can imagine, the teeny tiny Yorkie was originally bred to be an exterminator in the mid-1800s. They were used to hunt badgers, rats in mines, and foxes underground for clothing mills.
  2.  The Yorkshire Terrier was officially recognized in 1885 by the AKC and was last improved upon in 2007, with breed standard physical characteristics.
  3.  This breed originated from Yorkshire, England, but according to many other Yorkie reports and research this breed was “founded” by three other breeds that were brought from Scotland into England.
  4.  In World War II, an American soldier found a Yorkie pup that was lost in a foxhole. She was named Smokey and went on to become one of the first therapy dogs.
  5.  Some, not all, Yorkies can be yappy and tend to bark at every little thing that they hear. Apartment dwellers with neighbors and thin walls, you’re forewarned!
  6.  You’ll find some Yorkis for sale that are pretty tiny, because some breeders are producing puppies at rapid and unsafe rates. As a result, they tend to have very fragile bones. Contact us directly for your Yorkie questions, as our breeders are safe, respectable, and reputable.
  7.  Yorkies are prone to dental disease. Be sure to brush them daily. This helps to prevent the buildup of debris and tartar, as well as prevent gum disease.
  8.  Despite being so popular and off the charts adorable, a Yorkie has only won Westminster’s Best in Show title once! That was done in 1978, and the pup’s name was Cede Higgins.
  9.  A Yorkie named Sylvia was the smallest dog on record. She was a mere 4 onces, only 2.5 inches tall, and 3.5 inches long. Unfortunately, Sylvia died shortly after her second birthday, in 1945.
  10. There are tons of Yorkis for sale that are a result of crossbreeding. This breed is commonly used in making designer crossbred dogs which include the following combinations: Yorkiepoos (Yorkie and Poodle), the Morkie (Yorkie and Maltese), the Chorkie (Chihuahua and Yorkie) and the Corkie (Cocker Spaniel and Yorkie).

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