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PetCenter Pro Tips: Grooming Basics for Long Hair Puppies!

PetCenter Pro Tips: Grooming Basics for Long Hair Puppies!

January 5, 2018

Scrub a dub dub! Learn how to properly care for long haired puppies!

So you’re thinking about getting a long hair puppy? Proper care and TLC guarantees lasting memories with your furry friend. Here are some basic tips from PetCenter on grooming long hair puppies.

  1. Make bath time a breeze.

Bathing a long hair dog is an important step to keeping your dog’s hair clean. You’ll need to use a sulfate free shampoo and hydrating conditioner made for long hair dogs. Try Tropiclean or Nootie Dog brand shampoos and conditioners sold at PetCenter. Remember to always bathe and rinse your dog from the top to the bottom.

  1. The drying process is important.

Make sure you have a towel that is absorbent to dry the excess water. Most dogs will naturally shake off extra water and this helps speed the drying process. You either you can use a blow dryer on a low setting or allow the dog’s hair to dry naturally. It will take at least two to three hours for the coat to air dry, so be patient. You can encourage your dog to lie near a heated vent to dry faster. If it’s a nice and warm day, take your dog on a long walk and the drying process will be complete within no time.

  1. Trimming their nails.

Your long hair puppy’s nails will have a tendency to grow past the toe pads. This can become painful and dangerous for your dog. PetCenter carries dog nail clippers that safely clip without causing pain. Dogs generally don’t enjoy nail trimmings, so your puppy may try to flee! Be sure to use rewards and positive reinforcement to encourage cooperation.

  1. Comb and brush their hair.

If you want to keep the tangles and matting from returning to your puppy’s coat, you must brush your long haired puppy regularly. This proactive step will also promote healthy skin. Stop into PetCenter to purchase the perfect brush for your long hair puppy. Don’t forget to brush the hair on its chest and under their legs. You can also part sections of the hair and apply conditioner to each layer as you part. This step will help to maintain a tangle free coat and prevent the expensive cost of paying to remove the matting from your dog’s coat.

  1. Keep their beards trimmed.

Grooming your dog’s facial hair is easy. PetCenter carries the dog grooming clippers you need to get the job done. Make sure you test the clippers on your palm to be sure that they are not too sharp. Next, move the clippers gently along the sides of the face and stabilize your puppy’s chin while doing this.

Learning how to groom a dog is a fun experience and helps you to bond more with your pet. Use these simple grooming techniques and your dog will look and feel good always. At PetCenter, we believe in sharing the knowledge you need to give your dog the best care possible. Contact us at our Old Bridge location for any of your pet needs.

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