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PetCenter Speaks: All About Maltese Puppies

PetCenter Speaks: All About Maltese Puppies

April 9, 2019

The Maltese is a rather affectionate and gentle breed of dog and they make the absolute perfect companion for anyone who’s looking for a small but mighty pet.

They may be small in stature and fall in the toy breed category, but they possess a fierceness that’s undeniable! If you pick up a Maltese for sale, you won’t be disappointed. We’ve gathered some basic information about Maltese puppies that will be helpful for you. You can also check out all of our Maltese puppies for sale, just click here!


In true fierce fashion, Maltese dogs are quick to make new puppy friends. They are highly sociable. This, of course, includes their sweet people-person personalities. They thrive being around their owners and families and we’ll say it again – they are fierce! This means they will try to protect their families. How cute? Like any other dog, early training and socializing will show to be beneficial for the development of the Maltese puppies. Eventually, they’ll grow to be curious and well-trained little beauties.maltese puppies


The Maltese hail from Malta, as their name suggests. Malta is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. They’re said to have been around since ancient times dating back as far as 500 BC. In fact, Aristotle is reported to be the first person to call the dog a Maltese.

Fine Facial Features

A Maltese for sale is adored for the beautiful looks. Their facial features are so distinct. What with their white luscious locs and mysteriously dark eyes, they are natural born beauties! If you live in colder climates and stay inside more during the winter, you’ll notice that your Maltese’s nose may fade to a flesh-colored pink or light brown. Once it’s sunny consistently again, it will go back to its beautiful black color.

Luscious Locks

We touched briefly on their fine manes but let’s delve some more. When you purchase a Maltese for sale, you’ve gotta learn about their hair care. It’s one of their “mane” attractions! The Maltese doesn’t have an undercoat or high amounts of dander and doesn’t shed like a normal dog. This is tremendous news for people with dog allergies because they are hypoallergenic. In order to keep their hair healthy, we recommend regular professional grooming. You’ll want to keep up their beautiful standards – they’ve got reputations to keep!

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