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Poodle for Sale: Beauty and Brains, this Breed is Everything You Could Want!

Poodle for Sale: Beauty and Brains, this Breed is Everything You Could Want!

April 9, 2017

Poodle for Sale – This breed isn’t just about poofy hair and good looks!

Are you looking for a poodle for sale? There is no doubt that this dog breed is one of the most popular and its not just about its royal looks! The poodle is one of the best and the most in-demand dog breeds because of its fierce intelligence. A poodle is also very playful and loyal breed. Here at PetCenter, we absolutely adore the poodle, in all it’s many forms! Click here to check out our available puppies!

Here are a few things that you might not know about the poodle:

poodle for sale

  • The poodle is beauty with a brain; don’t get too overworked with its great looks. In fact, it is one of the most intelligent breeds. It excels in obedience training and in training for special commands and tricks.
  • A poodle does not just come in fluffy white color, it is also available in gray, dark brown, light brown and black. You can also find several different kinds of party-colored poodles.
  • A poodle also comes in a variety of sizes; sizes range from large to very small or teacup sized dogs.
  • A poodle was once a hunting dog. No, it does not live in the lap of luxury as portrayed by media and dog shows! However, it can be seen in the water, running across large patches of land and scooping up birds that their owners may have shot for sport.
  • Yes, you might want to consider having a large budget for grooming if you plan to have a poodle. They need regular clippings and brushings to keep their coat nice and mat-free.
  • Poodles are among the most protective breeds and will bark and growl if there is an intruder present. It can guard its owner and family and can be fearless when there is an attacker.
  • A poodle will never be content inside an apartment. They need to run, walk and exercise. It is not ideally for people with small homes; they need a small backyard to roam around.
  • It is a social breed and will love to be with babies and even other pets inside your home.

Ready to look for poodles for sale? Don’t hesitate to give our knowledgeable Pet Counselors a call if you think that the regal poodle might be the best breed for your family!

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