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Poodle Puppies Are Beauty and Brains All in One Adorable, Fluffy Package!

Poodle Puppies Are Beauty and Brains All in One Adorable, Fluffy Package!

September 19, 2017

Not sure about taking home Poodles for sale? Check out everything that makes the dog breed awesome!

Poodles may be known as leisure and luxury loving pets but make no mistake, they were originally bred to be a working breed. It may be hard to tell when you see a primped up Poodle in the ring, but original Poodles were water retrievers, a task that required jumping into the water and fetching for hunters. The English name which is commonly used, Poodle, comes from a German word for splash of water. Want to see all of our precious Poodles for sale? Just click here for our available puppies page!

Variety of poodles

Poodles come in three sizes; we have the small ones, medium-sized and the largest. They are Toy, miniature and the standard. The standard size is the oldest of them all; whereas the smaller ones came from selective breeding. Despite their small sizes, the pets are known for their playful habits. They are also liked for their dignified personality as well as the high level of intelligence that they exhibit.


Their level of intelligence and keenness make them an excellent student for training. Their excellence in performance sports, coupled with agility and obedience makes them easy to train for even first time owners. They follow instructions easily and always aim at pleasing their beloved owner.

Social pets

Poodles are social and people friendly; they like staying close enough their families and can be lonely when they are left all alone for an extended period. To them, anytime is good for playtime and they need to be walked daily and challenged in training exercises.


To maintain their beauty and good health, the Poodle requires extra attention and care. It isn’t surprising to see Poodle owners taking them to professional groomers, however with basic skills you can still give them the attention and care required. This can save you money, all you have to do is learn and have time for the dog.

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